Don’t Go Back to Sleep

I played the part of a famous diva as well as produced this experimental film made over New Years Celebration in 2009 to 2010 in my hometown, Belgrade.  It has english subtitles if you click the cc button.  It was absolutely freezing and shot ‘almost’ in one continual shot, with actors stationed in different parts[…]


This project explored how the creativity of professional dancers is compromised and enhanced by being pregnant.  As the get heavier into gravida how does their relationship with movement change?  How does it change how they perceive their surroundings, their friendships, their bodies? Almost imperceptibly the aesthetic sensibility of another: a small new body, is finding[…]

The Last Class

In 2010 I starred in a movie of which I’m very proud.  The trailer is below but the whole film is also available to watch on Youtube.  It’s in Serbian, my native tongue, but there are english subtitles if you press the cc button.