January 16, 2016

Choreographer and Director

19547187726_b458bdc560_z“My choreography ideas are born in relation to everything that surrounds me and that is in me; developed through contact with inspired people, stories and dreams. At the same time they are influenced by the history, geography and architecture of the performance locations and of course, the dancers themselves – whether they be professional or participants in a community project” Aleksandra Jones

DIVE is a new dance piece in development.  As a work in progress it was shown as part of the Stage 1 National Dance Wales showcase.  It will continue in development with a view to going into production in Spring 2015.

“DIVE” is work with dancers’ obstacles, psychological and physical, and allow the process of their overcoming them to become material for a highly personal choreographed piece.

The performance will be in the method of CODA (Context Oriented Dance Approach) developed by Aleksandra Jones in last 25 years, which combines mindfulness and movement as an artistic form where there is awareness of the movement in the moment of moving.

“DIVE” tells two parallel stories – the story of our struggles with the fears, pain and agony of existence and the story of the ever unfolding now in which one can be surprised by peace.


The development of the Women in Pregnancy project took another turn at the end of May 2013 when pregnant professional dancers performed Gravida, a dance performance choreographed specifically for pregnant women by Aleksandra Jones.  Here’s an article on the BBC website about the dance performance.

Women in Pregnancy

Women in Pregnancy was initially a pilot project in 2012 exploring the impact of pregnancy on women’s creativity through creative movement. Aleksandra Jones, the project Choreographer, used her methodology called Authentic Body. Working with professional dancers and pregnant women the pilot project tested the methodology through a series of workshops. Authentic Body is a gentle creative movement approach bringing together dance and performance techniques. All the workshops were filmed and photographed allowing the developmental process to be recorded.

At the end of the pilot a multimedia presentation was shown to an invited audience bringing together the choreographed movement, the film footage and the photographic imagery. Women in Pregnancy aimed to explore the beauty inherent in reproduction, in the individual woman’s creativity and place it in a societal context.